You can cut off the kibbles and introduce The Daily Barf diet immediately. This is suitable for puppies, kittens, younger dogs and cats that are able to adjust to the new diet instantly. Some older dogs and cats do well with a fast switch while others may require a more gradual switch.




Day New Food Amount Old Food Amount
Day 1 Feed 1/4th of the new food 3/4th of the old food
Day 2 Feed 1/2th of the new food 1/2th of the old food
Day 3 Feed 3/4th of the new food 1/4th of the old food
Day 4 Feed 100% of the new food -


By slowly introducing new foods, we can decrease the risk of stomach upset. A gradual slow switch helps you to gauge your cat/dog’s preference for certain foods and helps you determine if any food intolerances exist.


*Note: Changing from one food to another may cause minor diarrhoea. This could be from age, disease and overexposure to chemicals and toxins found in kibbles. Cats and dogs on processed diets for a long time usually have: poor gut health, digestive problems and weakened immune system. Therefore, they need time to get their system up and running again.

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