I grew up with dogs and cats my entire life. All my previous dogs and cats had skin allergies of some sort and I lost some of them to either liver or pancreas failure. All of them shared something in common, they were fed 'premium' brands of kibbles their entire life.

My family lost our Shiba Inu (Inu, 5 years old) in 2013, liver failure had claimed her life. I refused to accept my vet's reasoning (rat poison and genetic problem) for her death. I was convinced that her diet was the primary cause of her death because we had no rats/rat poison at home and Inu came from a reputable lineage. Taken by grief and guilt, I challenged myself to understand both dogs' and cats' diet and nutrition before getting my own fur kid.

After years of thorough research (medical journals, books, and through other pet owners' experiences), I was convinced that Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) was what I was going to feed my pet if I ever got one of my own. Luna (my Siberian Husky) came into my life in 2018 and she grew up eating the BARF I prepared. Luna, being a fussy eater, forced me to experiment with my recipes by using different meat and vegetables. It gives me great satisfaction when she gobbles up her food. In order to boost her immunity and coat condition, I add coconut oil, organic wheatgrass and a blend of 8 different herbs and spices into every meal.

To my delight, she has no skin allergies, her coat is thick and shiny, her breath does not stink, her poop looks healthy, and most importantly, her energy levels is always high during our routine exercises. All these encouraging attributes convinced me that feeing my BARF recipes was the best choice I had made for her. There is a saying "you are what you eat" and Luna is a testament to that.

Luna's achievements in multiple dog shows held by the Malaysia Kennel Club encouraged me to turn my passion (creating healthy meals) into a business and consequently, in 2019, THE DAILY BARF was born.

Our biggest mission is to share and educate pet owners about the benefits associated with BARF feeding.

eat well , live well


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