Feeding raw meat to cats and dogs does not result in aggressive behavior when a balanced diet is fed. Cats and dogs are natural hunters. They are supposed to have a taste for meat. Your pet may enjoy a raw diet more than dry food or kibble, and could act territorial or defensive over their food, similar to how they behave with treats. Raw diet will not worsen or bring about any behavioural issues. It boils down to how you manage your pet’s behaviour.

Firstly, the hydrochloric acid in the stomach is a protective enzyme against bacteria, virus or other microorganism that can cause disease. Secondly, a cat/dog’s stomach is highly acidic and their short digestive tract is designed to push bacteria out quickly without giving it time to stay.

There is a difference between raw and cooked bones. Raw bones are soft, easy to digest and provide a major source of calcium and phosphorus. On the other hand, cooked bones are dangerous for your pet as moisture is removed from the bones making them brittle and splinter when eaten.

No doubt, in comparison to huge bags of cheap dry kibble, buying ground meat is a bit more expensive in the short term. But considering the health problems prevented and regular trips to the vet averted, feeding raw is much more cost effective in the long run. Kibble, while convenient, fills our pets stomach with toxic additives and carbohydrates, creating a multitude of health problems, shortened lifespan and reduced quality of life.

On the contrary, raw meat is easier to digest than cooked meat. Dogs and cats have evolved over thousands of years to break down and absorb the essential nutrition from raw meat, not cooked meat or grains. Furthermore, cooked meat lacks the benefits of raw meat as well as essential nutrients because the very act of cooking destroys or alters proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.




This is called a acid reflux. Dogs and cats’ stomach are naturally acidic (which helps to digest meats and bones and act as a protective measure against bacteria). When dogs and cats’ revert to their natural diet - a raw diet - their bodies return to their normal acidic state. If the interval between dinner and breakfast time is more than 13 hours, or if your pet doesn't get solid sleep through the night, you may find a foamy, yellow, pink, or green puddle in the mornings. Do try to ensure your pet’s food interval is less than 13 hours.

The usual symptoms of food allergies include runny stool accompanied by sudden itching of paws, mouth area or flanks. Most pets, when diagnosed with for example a chicken allergy, are merely allergic to processed chicken meat or fats found in commercial kibbles. However, when fed raw chicken meat, pets do not exhibit any problems.

Detoxing may occur when switching from kibbles to a raw diet. During the detoxing period, your pet may temporarily exhibit some shedding, more eye gunk, jelly-like mucus in stool. This is perfectly normal and is only temporary as your pet’s body expels indigestible junk and toxins from its digestive system and replacing it with fresh whole foods.




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